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Sunday, 23 March
Change of Consciousness:
A Challenge of the 21st Century

 07.30   Opening of the Registration Desk

08.15 – 08.45 Room Singapore
 Tune In 
Jürg fuyûzui Zurmühle
Hearing the Moment: Silence, Breath, Sound
Music is a way to expand into the core of being and to connect with it. By chanting, making music, and by listening we become "reconnected", the original meaning of "religio", to the essential.
Jürg Zurmühle, master of the japanese bamboo flute Shaku-
hachi, guides us with the sound and the music of the Zen flute into a meditative state of "hearing the moment": silence, breath, sound.
No entrance after the beginning!

09.00 – 10.30 Room San Francisco

Change of Consciousness:
A Challenge of the 21st Century

Simultaneous translation Ger/Eng and Eng/Ger
Moderation: Lucius Werthmüller

Dale Pendell: Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism: The Search for
a Path
Ralph Metzner: Entheogenesis – Toward an Expanded
Worldview for Our Time
Vanja Palmers: Mystical Experiences, Psychedelics, and
Allyson Grey: Psychedelic Families: What Do We Tell the
Michael J. Winkelman: Psychedelics and Human Evolution:
A View from Evolutionary Psychology
Stanislav Grof: Psychology of the Future

 10.30 – 11.00      Break

 11.00 – 12.30      Concurrent Presentations

11.00 – 12.30 Room San Francisco
Stanislav Grof
Psychology of the Future:
Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research

(English, simultaneous translation Eng/Ger
In the last five decades, psychedelic therapy and other avenues of modern consciousness research have revealed a rich array of "anomalous" experiences and observations that have undermined some of the most basic assumptions of modern psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy concerning consciousness and the human psyche in health and disease. Many of these observations are so radical that they question the basic philosophical assumptions of materialistic science.
In this lecture, we will review these remarkable data and explore the most important major revisions that would have to be made in our understanding of consciousness, of the human psyche, and of the nature of reality to respond to these conceptual challenges.

11.00 – 12.30 Room Montreal
Panel Discussion
Towards a Rational and Timely Drug Policy

With Jan Christoph Bublitz, Pierre Joset, Thomas Kessler, Vanja Palmers, Torsten Passie
Moderation: Lucius Werthmüller

(German, simultaneous translation Ger/Eng)
The Report of the Switzerland‘s Federal Commission for Drug Policy "From the Policy of Illegal Drugs to the Policy of Psychoactive Substances," as well as the "Four Pillar Policy" are among the most progressive proposals world wide for a timely drug policy.
Based on these reports, announced experts with different professional backgrounds will discuss measures and steps for the implementation of a rational and timely global drug policy.
This panel will define the outlines for the use of psychedelics beyond the regularized medical and therapeutic applications, presenting suggestions, to acknowledge psychedelics and cannabis as remedies, and finally discussing ways for a comprehensive decriminalization and legalization of psychoactive substances world wide.

11.00 – 11.40 Room Sydney
Allyson and Alex Grey
Psychedelic Families: What Do We Tell the Children?
(English, without translation)
Growing up in a culture where psychedelics are demonized, mind-altering substances are not a welcome topic of conversation in many homes. Knowing the perils and promise of entheogens, many of us face the question of whether to broach the subject with our children at all and if so, how. Alex and Allyson Grey will share from their own experience and site reports from MAPS, Erowid, Entheogen Review, Drug Policy Alliance, and include both U.S. and European source material. The Grey‘s will lead a discussion where participants will be invited to air diverse points of view.

11.00 – 11.40 Room Singapore
Thomas B. Roberts
New Horizons:
Potential Benefits of Psychedelics for Humanity

(English, without translation)
"Introducing multistate theory, we will consider multistate implications for entheogenic religious studies and consider whether we are moving from our current word-based, text-based religious era to a religious era of direct experience of the divine, expand education to include the metaintelligence – the ability to access all useful mindbody states and develop the abilities that reside in them – develop new kinds of intelligence, invent novel and previously unknown mindbody states, and redefine 'well educated', show how the future is likely to provide the experimental study of philosophy, beliefs, values, and other humanities. What are the evolutionary benefits of these advances?"

11.50 – 12.30 Room Singapore
Michael J. Winkelman
Psychedelics and Human Evolution:
A View from Evolutionary Psychology

(English, without translation)
The role of psychedelics in human evolution is evidenced in: homologies of psychedelics with a key neuromodulatory system, serotonin; human-ape differences in psychedelic self-administration and neurotransmitter systems;
presence of psychedelic mushrooms in hunter-gather lifeways; the central role of shamanism in the emergence of modern human cognition; and neurotheological linkages of shamanic and psychedelics cosmology. Functional analysis of serotonin systems indicates adaptive effects related to selection for enhanced information integration and
psychosocial modulation.

11.00 – 12.30 Room Samarkand
Seminar MAPS
From Problem Child to Wonder Child:
The Next 20 Years

(English, without translation)
Rick Doblin: Teaching Psychedelic Psychotherapy:
MDMA/PTSD Therapist Training Protocol and Continuing Medical Education Courses
Evgeny Krupitsky: Ketamine-assisted Psychedelic
Psychotherapy of Heroin Dependance
Valerie Mojeiko: Psychedelic Emergency Services: Harm
Reduction in Action

 12.30 – 14.00      Lunch Break

14.00 – 15.30 Room San Francisco

Change of Consciousness:
A Challenge of the 21st Century

Simultaneous translation Ger/Eng and Eng/Ger
Moderation: Lucius Werthmüller

Manuel Schoch: All You Need is Love
Alex Grey: Creative Practices: Vision into Art
Bruno Martin: Creative Future: The Cosmic Triggers of the Evolution of Consciousness
Thomas B. Roberts: Psychedelic Horizons: Potential Benefits of Psychedelics for Humanity
Daniel Pinchbeck: The Future of Psychedelics

 15.30 – 16.15      Break

 16.15 – 17.45      Concurrent Presentations

16.15 – 17.45 Room San Francisco
Daniel Pinchbeck
The Future of Psychedelics
(English, simultaneous translation Eng/Ger)
In this talk, we will explore what we know about psychedelics today, surveying perspectives from indigenous shamanic traditions and from modern scientific research. The famous consciousness explorer will discuss the evolution of modern religious movements using visionary plant sacraments such as the Santo Daime in Brazil. He will offer some tentative theories on the nature of the visionary and ontological experiences encountered during the non-ordinary states induced by psychedelics. He will then discuss the possibility of integrating psychedelic study and use into a new paradigm for the future.

16.15 – 16.55 Room Montreal
Bruno Martin
Creative Future:
The Cosmic Triggers of the Evolution of Consciousness

(German, without translation)
During his investigations about the modes of action of a creative intelligence in the course of the evolution of life, it became clear to the German consciousness researcher and author, that all life is based on the concept of mutual maintenance and support. That means, that life in all its variety could only unfold through co/evolution of plants and animals. A further, meaningful step was the coevolution of psychoactive mushrooms and plants with human evolution of consciousness. Creative intelligence has thus managed to have assistants with the emergence of conscious humans during the further conscious evolution of the noosphere – the consciousness field of the earth – and of humanity.

17.05 – 17.45 Room Montreal
Ralph Metzner
Toward an Expanded Worldview for Our Time

(German, without translation)
Conscious communion of living beings, disclosed in spiritual experiences, is acknowledged as equally real and valid as the conscious perception of identifiable objects, disclosed by the natural sciences. The preservation and celebration of the diversity of living forms and the diversity of cultural traditions are essential to a sustainable civilization. I would add to this the celebration of the rich multiplicity of our inner life: we are all multiple personalities, each of us containing a "theater of simultaneous possibilities". We can recognize, celebrate and communicate with, the indwelling spiritual intelligences of all inorganic and organic life-forms, as well as of Earth and other planets, Sun and other stars, Milky Way and other galaxies, and the Universe.

16.15 – 17.45 Room Sydney
Manuel Schoch
All You Need is Love
(German, simultaneous translation Ger/Eng)
Without love there is nothing. Love is the basic energy of the universe. She shows herself in various forms: As Eros, our vital biological and cultural mainspring; as You-Love, the social basic module of the entire human evolution; as undirected, eternal spiritual energy from the source of all things, but also as the trigger of our desires, fears, conflicts, longings, and projections.
The energy of love is a state of being. Love touches the core of the concern, love unites, love resolves, love heals, love is creation. Time Therapy, founded by Manuel Schoch, assumes that it is not important "that you are loved, or have been loved, it is just essential, that you yourself love. This love frees you." In this seminar, the modern mystic will present possible ways toward love, and how we can live it in our every-day life.

16.15 – 16.55 Room Singapore
Dale Pendell
Psychedelics and Zen Buddhism: The Search for a Path
(English, without translation)
After many years as both a Zen student and a practitioner of sacred medicines, Dale Pendell should have some definitive answers. He doesn't, but he does have a few ideas. Zen is concerned with "the great matter." Using an alchemical metaphor, and a pun in colloquial English, could the "Great Matter" be called the "Great Stone"? Does nirvana have a neuropharmacology? At the least, we will explore the most common misunderstandings on these points.

17.05 – 17.45 Room Singapore
Vanja Palmers
Mystical Experiences, Psychedelics, and Religion
(German, without translation)
The birth of every religion is the mystical experience of its founder. Aside from historical information, such a statement primarily demands that we take a closer look at the phenomenon of the mystical experience itself. In a poll by the Buddhist magazine Tricycle a couple of years ago, over 40% of the respondents declared that their interest in Buddhism was activated by experiences with psychedelics. However, their use is regarded as incompatible with religious codes of practice by most exponents of established religions.
Zen-priest and animal welfare activist Vanja Palmers has fewer reservations. He stands behind the fact that LSD was the catalysator to open his mind for the spiritual dimensions, and he regards psychedelics as helpful tools in the process of consciousness expanding. In his presentation he focuses on the significance of the mystical experience and discusses, how religions can help us, to integrate them into our lives.

16.15 – 17.45 Room Samarkand
“Rising Researchers“ VI:
Open Discussion and Exchange:

Advancing Psychedelic Research
Moderation: Thomas B. Roberts
(English, without translation)
This open discussion will consider topics and methods current psychedelic research should take. Established researchers, rising researches, and all interested visitors are welcome to contribute their ideas. Small groups may focus on specialized topics and techniques.

18.30 – 19.30 Room San Francisco

Closing Ceremony
(Simultaneous translation Ger/Eng and Eng/Ger)
For three days we have obtained a variety of suggestions and information on all aspects of psychedelics or discussed insights and outlooks in connection with these highly potent substances. In this closing ceremony with musical framework famous speakers will draw balance on the inevitable change of consciousness for our lives and our future existence as a response to the constantly pressing challenges of the 21st century – with our hope and our desire for a better world.



7th March 2008 • Subject to Alterations


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